tanga sports® 10-pack Throwing Rings

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tanga sports® 10-pack Throwing Rings

The set consists of a total of 10 throwing rings, 5 of which are blue and 5 of which are red.

The throwing ring is perfect for practicing the first gripping exercises for the little ones, as well as throwing and catching exercises for children. It is also recommended for gymnastics. The different colors offer many possibilities for games and training. The throwing ring can also be used in water. It is an air-filled throwing ring made of robust material.


- Material: PVC, very grippy, elastic and air-filled
- Weight per ring: 180 g
- Outer diameter approx. 18 cm
- Inner diameter approx. 11.5 cm
- Color: red & blue

Do you know ring tennis?

This sport is played on a badminton-like court in singles or doubles with a ring. The so-called tennis ring is thrown in such a way that catching it becomes as difficult as possible for the opponent. The air-filled throwing ring is suitable for ringtennis training. For competitions, we recommend the official competition tennis ring with dimensions according to regulations and logo.

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Scope of Supply

- 1x tanga sports® Universal Storage Bag
- 5x Throwing Ring in red
- 5x Throwing Ring in blue