tanga sports® 20-piece Rope Skipping Set

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tanga sports® 20-piece Rope Skipping Set

The set consists of a total of 20 jump ropes, with 5 in each of the colors yellow, blue, orange, and pink.
Jumping rope with the speed rope improves fitness and is fun. Rope Skipping is more than just regular jump rope. Music, speed, endurance, creativity - Rope Skipping is versatile, challenging both the body and mind. A rope skipping rope spins quickly and is therefore very well suited for more advanced jumps.


- Material: PVC
- Can be individually cut
- Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
- Color: blue, pink, orange, yellow


- High-speed spinning
- Suitable for rope skipping
- For challenging jumps

Note on jump rope length

We recommend adding 91.5 cm to the height. For a height below 1.68 meters, 85.5 cm will be added instead, as the proportions are different.

Product datasheet

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Scope of Supply

- 1x tanga sports® Universal Storage Bag
- 5x Blue Jump Rope
- 5x Pink Jump Rope
- 5x Orange Jump Rope
- 5x Yellow Jump Rope