tanga sports® Double Dutch Swing Ropes

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tanga sports® Double Dutch Swing Ropes

A swing rope, is ideal for breaks in the school, for the sports club and wherever several children and young people are together. These two fast rotating plastic ropes are specially designed for rope skipping and rope skipping in a team. Two people swing the ropes rhythmically against each other, one or more children jump in the middle. It is therefore the ultimate exercise for coordination, cooperation and fitness, it is fun and possible at any time without much effort.


- 1 pair
- Length: 6 m
- Colour: available in blue, yellow, pink and orange
- Black plastic handles
- Material: 100% polychloride
- Also available as a single rope

Vorteile im Überblick

- Schnelldrehendes Seil
- Beliebtes Freizeitspiel
- Teamspiel

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