tanga sports® Balancing Plate

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tanga sports® Balancing Plate

Plate juggling is a special form of juggling. This is an artistic form in which a rotating plate is balanced on a stick. The plate is stabilised by the gyroscopic effect.

Our colourful plastic plates are unbreakable and of course have the curved base necessary for juggling and also a wooden handstick.

Juggling is an excellent way to increase physical and mental well-being. It promotes concentration, reaction speed, spatial awareness, as well as a sense of time, rhythm and balance. The even strain on the muscles and musculoskeletal system increases flexibility and endurance. Juggling also increases the peripheral vision and trains


- Plastic plate with curved base
- diameter 22 cm
- Colours assorted
- Incl. handstick

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0.11 kg

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55.9 cm

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23.4 cm

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6.3 cm

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orange, light blue, yellow, light green


0.11 kg