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Quality assurance at tanga sports

Sports and play equipment from tanga sports® is affordable for everyone – without neglecting satisfactory quality.

Measures to ensure product quality

Sports and play equipment from tanga sports® is affordable for everyone – without neglecting satisfactory quality.
We ensure this through the following measures:

  • Careful selection of new producers and continuous monitoring of product quality at existing partners.
  • Commitment to compliance with relevant guidelines for the protection of people and the environment.
  • New products undergo an evaluation by our experienced product management team to ensure their workmanship, usability and functionality.
  • Samples are additionally subjected to material safety testing to identify potentially harmful material components.
  • Each delivery is visually inspected on arrival to ensure that the products meet the expected standards.
  • Customer feedback is taken seriously and appropriate action is taken to respond appropriately to suggestions or concerns.

Material safety with the XRF spectrometer

Product quality and safety often become apparent very quickly, for example in terms of texture, user-friendliness and, of course, functionality. But what we as users cannot readily determine is the material safety.

To close this gap in quality assurance, we have introduced the mobile X-ray fluorescence spectrometer (XRF spectrometer) in the company. This allows us to detect critical material components such as heavy metals (arsenic, lead, mercury, ...) directly on site at the incoming goods department. If the device sounds an alarm for goods from new suppliers, the products are not included in our range. Existing goods are tested on a random basis. The limit values for this procedure are based on the toy guideline EN 71-3. We carry out the testing for harmful substances with the XRF spectrometer on a voluntary basis; the procedure goes beyond the legal requirements.

Learn more about the use of the X-ray fluorescence spectrometer:

How does the analysis with the XRF spectrometer work?

XRF technology enables precise and rapid elemental analysis of the type and quantity of chemical elemental compositions through the physical laws of atomic structure. The atoms contained in a product sample are excited by X-rays to emit fluorescent X-rays. The elemental composition is thus determined on the basis of the atoms' own characteristic radiation.

Which products does tanga sports test with the XRF spectrometer?

We carry out measurements with the X-ray fluorescence spectrometer as standard when assessing samples from potential new suppliers outside Europe. If the product exceeds the limit values, we do not purchase it from this supplier. For our existing product range, we carry out regular spot checks and remove articles of concern if necessary.

Who carries out the test with the XRF spectrometer?

The use of the hand-held X-ray fluorescence analyser requires specialist knowledge in radiation protection in accordance with the Radiation Protection Ordinance (StrlSchV). Three employees in the company hold this certificate. A refresher course in radiation protection is held every five years. In addition, the device may be used by users who have been instructed in advance and on an annual basis, provided that an authorised person with the necessary expertise in radiation protection is immediately available on the company premises.