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tanga sports® Catch Ball

In a playful way to promote cognitive and mathematical skills. All Catch Ballfinger have numbered ends that are also marked with colors. Thus, on the one hand are trained to hand-eye coordination of the child, on the other hand, the mathematical skills are playfully improved - by adding, subtracting or multiplying the number of captured arms.


- Overall diameter of about 30 cm
- Length of the individual fingers each 11 cm
- Inflatable (with valve needle nipple)
The imagination and creativity of children have no limits. There are set individual game rules just before the start of the game. The interestingly shaped design of the catch ball encourage to throw and catch. The inflatable and therefore soft structure is safe and does not hurt, even if a throw is not caught correctly.

For inflating the ball, we recommend the ergonomic hand pump item no. F8782 or double action with hose item no. F8778.

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