tanga sports® Cigar-Boxes Set of 3 pieces

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tanga sports® Cigar-Boxes Set of 3 pieces

There has never been a cigar in our cigar box! But as a juggling device, the coloured wooden boxes are a show! The juggler uses three or more cigar boxes to perform different tricks. For example, he can hold the middle box with two boxes held on the outside, perform various tricks by releasing and grasping the boxes, or balance various box formations. As Finnigan writes in his book ""Art of Juggling"" (to order under Art.No.: M6110), wooden box juggling came to Europe through Japanese jugglers via China.
We offer the cigar box in a set of three and also individually for expansion. The cigar boxes are constructed of sturdy plywood, with black edges and different coloured sides.


- Dimensions 20 x 13 x 6 cm
- Weight 200 gr
- Made of plywood
- Ends covered with velour foil
- Edges taped in black
- Decoration with brocade foil in different colours

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