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tanga sports® Clamp joint

With hinges for training hurdles, it is possible to build training hurdles or small goals in combination with gymnastics rods and mallets (or hole cones). The hurdle joint is flexibly adjustable in height; thus creating hurdles for jumping and crawling. These training hurdles are also very suitable for various coordinative exercises with the ball, such as combinations of jumps and bounces or dribbling.

The spring pressure keeps each required position. The joint can be twisted as desired, so all oblique positions are made possible. The hurdle clips can be moved freely on the bar and an essential part of the exercise aid. The rods can be firmly clamped in the joints or loosely placed on them.

Product features Clamp Joint:
- For plastic rods and gauges with a diameter of 25 mm
- for tires with a profile of approx. 8 mm
- Holds any required position by spring pressure
- can be twisted as desired
- allows all oblique positions
- can be moved anywhere on the bar and is an essential part of the exercise aid
- The rods can be firmly clamped in the joints or loosely placed on them

The hurdling training joint is very versatile. You can buy the training hurdles with hole cones or paint feet as a set or the joints for training hurdles individually.

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