tanga sports® Competition Ribbons 6 m Rainbow

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tanga sports® Competition Ribbons 6 m Rainbow

Gymnastic band in rainbow design for rhythmic sports gymnastics. Band of satin, 6 m long and 5 cm wide, including glass fibre rod and swivel.


Gymnastic band in rainbow design

- Ribbon (LxW): 6 m x 5 cm

- Material: satin

- Fibreglass rod, approx. 50 cm long with swivel
Gymnastic bands, also called dance bands, swing bands or gymnastic bands, fascinate every spectator. Whether individually or in a group - the gymnastic and dance elements are given even more expression by the ribbon. The rainbow band (Art. G6220, G4391) is especially popular with children.

Gymnastic bands for rhythmic gymnastics are available in 2m, 4m, 5m and 6m lengths and in many colours. A gymnastics band with a length of 6m is used in competitions.

Further colour selection gymnastics tape 6 m

- Pink, Art. G4387

- Green, Art. G4370

- White, Art. G4371

- Yellow, Art. G4372

- Blue, Art. G4373

- Red, Art. G4374

You can find more hand apparatus for rhythmic gymnastics (RSG) as well as ribbons, chiffon scarves and much more for swinging in dance and gymnastics in the Kübler Sport® Online Shop.

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