tanga sports® Devilstick incl. Handsticks

tanga sports
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Suitable for use by children.
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tanga sports® Devilstick incl. Handsticks

Devil stick set consisting of one devil stick and two hand sticks. The classic, conically shaped design of the devil stick features a sturdy wooden core wrapped in a grippy textile tape. The center marking and plastic caps at the ends provide better orientation. The devil stick is meant to be kept in constant motion using the hand sticks, where it is tossed up high and caught or thrown from left to right using the hand sticks.


- Length: approx. 60 cm
- Weight: approx. 280 g
- Colors: Assorted colors
- Includes center marking, plastic ends, two rubberized hand sticks


- Sturdy stick wrapped with textile tape
- Non-slip rubberized handsticks
- For challenging juggling tricks
Playing with devil sticks requires great coordination, rhythm, balance, and reaction. Depending on the desired style of play or trick, the devil stick needs to be struck with different force and at various positions on the devil stick. However, a good reaction is crucial for playing with devil sticks. This allows for constantly correcting the position of the devil stick.

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60 cm

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0.27 kg

Package length

68.8 cm

Package width

7.3 cm

Package height

4.8 cm

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leisure time

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indoor & outdoor


assorted colour


280 g