tanga sports® Diving Flower

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tanga sports® Diving Flower

The diving flower is very visible under water. The colorful design, as well as the shape and size (diameter approximately 30 cm), make the diving flower a popular water toy for children.


- Material: Plastic with weighted core
- Color: colorful (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green)
- Diameter: approx. 30 cm


- Suitable for children and adults
- Highly visible underwater

Diving Games

Swimming and diving are fundamental skills in water sports. Whether it's competitive swimming, aquafitness, water polo, or any of the numerous water sports, being able to swim and dive makes you feel more comfortable in the water. In addition to the dive flower, there are many other dive games and dive sets, such as the neoprene dive set, dive sticks, or dive rings. A dive game is highly suitable for teaching children how to dive. Through play, the dive toys help them make their first attempts at diving in the water. This way, there's nothing standing in the way of achieving the first swimming badge, the "Frühschwimmer Seepferdchen".

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