tanga sports® Egg Flips Set of 10 pieces

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tanga sports® Egg Flips Set of 10 pieces

The Egg Flips motivate you to train the correct breathing technique. Due to their low weight, the Egg Flips float on the water surface. When you exhale or blow at the right height, they turn around. The Egg Flips are always designed in two different colours, which makes the success of correct breathing immediately visible. When the Eggs are turned over (with correct breathing), the colour changes, so that the success of the breathing can be checked immediately. This training aid is also popular in Halliwick therapy.
The Egg Flips are suitable for all ages. Among other things, the set is ideal for swimming groups to practice at the same time.


- Set of 10
- Each in two colours
- Material: plastic
- Size: øapprox. 6 cm
- Weight: approx. 9 g
- Suitable for learning the correct breathing technique for swimming and Halliwick therapy

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