tanga sports® Flexible Mini Training Hurdle

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tanga sports® Flexible Mini Training Hurdle

The flexible mini-training hurdle is a versatile training tool for running, jumping, sprinting and coordination exercises. Each hurdle is a step-by-step increase of the requirement 3-fold height-adjustable to 15 cm, 23 cm or 30 cm. The material of the mini hurdle is made of robust, impact-resistant plastic.


- For indoor and outdoor use
- Hurdle is height adjustable to 15, 23 or 30 cm
- Made of robust, impact resistant plastic

Training hurdles

Training hurdles are an indispensable training tool in many sports. In football, handball training, athletics and many other sports, training hurdles are used nowadays. They are used in the warm-up programme, for training running coordination or for high-speed strength training. Training hurdles are also used in functional training and in physiotherapy, e.g. for ankle stabilisation exercises. For a training course, we recommend arranging 8 flexible training hurdles in a row. By setting different hurdle heights, the athletes' ability to differentiate can be trained.

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30 cm


45 cm

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0.48 kg

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54.3 cm

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17 cm

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4.8 cm

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handball, soccer, athletics

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0.48 kg

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