tanga sports® Foam Bowling Game

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tanga sports® Foam Bowling Game

The Foam Soft Bowling Set can be used to play almost anywhere. The 10 pins and the ball with grip holes are made of foam PE. This means there is no risk to the furniture, but you can also roll the ball confidently outdoors; parked cars will not be damaged if the throw is off.


- Soft Bowling Set with 10 pins
- Made of PE foam
- Height: 30 cm
- Foam ball with grip holes
- Diameter: 21 cm


- Suitable for use anywhere
- No damage
With our bowling game, children also have the opportunity to learn the attractive sport and train their dexterity and fine motor skills. In exciting games, children, teenagers, and adults can demonstrate their aim and precision. Aim the bowling ball at the previously set up bowling pins and ideally knock down all pins with your first throw - strike! If it doesn't work out on the first try and a certain number of pins or cones remain in the bowling game, then use your second attempt and knock down all the remaining bowling pins.

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