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tanga sports® Rubber Twist

Rubber Twist is probably the classic among street games. To play Rubber Twist, you need a long skipping rope. The game is designed for at least three participants. If you jump alone or in pairs, you need one or two fastening options (pole, road sign, chair, garbage can, etc.) to attach the skipping rope outdoors. It can also be made possible by screw hooks at four suitable locations where the rubber can be clamped. However, in most cases, the skipping rope is stretched and stretched around the feet of two participants. They stand facing each other, facing each other. A third player now jumps in, on, or between this skipping rope in prearranged rhythms. If he makes a mistake, the next person is up. If he successfully completes the sequence without errors, the difficulty level is increased. The standard heights for the skipping rope are ankle height, knee height, and buttock height.


- Material: Rubber cord with a 100% nylon coating

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