tanga sports® Hedgehog Diving Ring Ø 16 cm

tanga sports
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tanga sports® Hedgehog Diving Ring Ø 16 cm

The hedgehog diving ring made of plastic is very suitable for diving games in the water. Combine several diving rings for challenging and always new diving exercises. Dive footwards or headwards, from the water surface or with a jump into the water. Thanks to the hedgehog surface, the ring is pleasant to grip and lies well in the hand. Children learn playfully how to dive with a diving ring and thus gain safety in the water.


- Diving ring
- Easy-grip surface
- Diameter: approx. 16 cm
- Assorted colours
- Material: solid plastic
- Also suitable for finger massage

Diving rings and more

Practice early: A first dive is already required for the early swimmer's badge Seepferdchen. The Youth Swimming Badge and the German Swimming Badge require both deep diving and stretch diving.

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