tanga sports® Hockey Game Set SCHOOL

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Ideal for use in sports clubs.
Ideal for school use.
Ideal for use in therapeutic facilities.

tanga sports® Hockey Game Set SCHOOL

The Hockey Set SCHOOL is ideal for use in schools and children's sports groups in clubs. The set includes six yellow and six red hockey sticks, as well as three low-bounce hockey balls. The set is suitable for both outdoor field hockey and indoor hockey. With this set, children can gain their first experience with hockey sticks and learn the fast-paced game with the two goals. Hockey develops both coordination skills and speed and endurance, as the game is usually played at a rapid pace.

The hockey sticks are equally suitable for indoor and field hockey. They glide smoothly over the gymnasium floor and leave no marks. The foot of the hockey sticks is designed like competition hockey sticks. The sticks are elastic and break-resistant, and the foot is soft, minimizing the risk of injury. The shaft is round, non-slip, and made of high-quality polyethylene. The foot is made of firm foam. The stick length (including the foot attachment) is 90 cm.

Another possibility for using the Hockey Sticks SCHOOL is as mini-golf clubs. Teachers, coaches, and students can create courses using cones, hoops, gymnastics bars, and other gym equipment for the children to play through with the hockey sticks and hockey balls.


- Set of 6 yellow and 6 red hockey sticks (each measuring 90 cm) and 3 no bounce" hockey balls
- Hockey sticks are suitable for indoor and field hockey
- Hockey sticks with authentic hockey foot shape"

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