tanga sports® Intercrosse Stick

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tanga sports® Intercrosse Stick

The Intercrosse racket is suitable for fast team play with simple rules. The Intercrosse rackets have a total length of 100 cm. The racket is made of a sturdy plastic head and a 70 cm long aluminum shaft. Weight: approx. 370 g. Intercrosse is a very fair and team-building game, as physical contact and racket contact are excluded. Intercrosse is an ideal game for school and physical education. Intercrosse can be played both indoors and outdoors. After a short period of time, the first learning progress can be seen and catching and throwing the ball with the Intercrosse racket becomes increasingly easier. With the proper mastery of the racket, a great sense of accomplishment is achieved.


- Total length: 100 cm
- Sturdy plastic head
- 70 cm long aluminum shaft
- Approximately 370 g

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