tanga sports® Juggling Rings, Set of 3

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tanga sports® Juggling Rings, Set of 3

Juggling has been a part of every circus performer's repertoire for ages. However, before reaching that level as an artist, practice is necessary. And that includes having the right props, such as our juggling rings, which are offered in two diameters: 24 or 32 cm. Since juggling rings fly faster and are harder to grip than balls, it is advantageous to have some initial juggling experience with balls. With a little practice, juggling rings become an interesting and attractive challenge.

The more recent history of juggling is closely connected to the history of variety shows. Juggling became increasingly popular until the mid-20th century. Initially, jugglers were hired to entertain the audience during intermissions behind closed curtains while the stage was being set up. These jugglers could then specialize in the art of juggling and neglect other tricks such as sword swallowing or magic.


- Flexible polyethylene
- Rounded edges
- Assorted bright colors

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