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tanga sports® Bean Bag

Whether in gymnastics, sports and therapy, or in kindergarten and early childhood education, colorful fabric bags are indispensable. Bean bags are particularly used in psychomotor and therapy and are also suitable for heat application.
The cover of the bean bags is made of high-quality, durable cotton fabric, which is also washable. The bean bags are soft and comfortable to grip and are also ideal for hand rehabilitation. In the area of sensory motor skills and tactile stimulation, the bean bag is a part of the game. The fabric bags are filled with fine-grained plastic granules. Similar to a cherry pit pillow, the bean bag can also be used for heat and cold application.
The bean cushions are also suitable for balancing on the head and are helpful for many other posture exercises. The application does not end here, but begins here and extends to use in sports and therapy. Versatile and essential for many areas, the bean bag is an essential tool. An alternative are the bean bags with numbers, which offer even more exercise variety.
The bag is available in different colors and weights.


- Machine washable up to 40 degrees

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