tanga sports® Leather Medicine Ball

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tanga sports® Leather Medicine Ball

Medicine balls are among the classic training equipment in fitness and health sports. With their help, many different body parts can be trained and various training goals can be achieved.
In a varied health training, these classic training devices are indispensable.


- Ball cover made of genuine leather, reinforced
- Filling: Mixture of granulated rubber, foam, and cork

Use of Medicine Balls

Training with the medicine ball is highly suitable for strength endurance training. It can be used to train whole-body stabilization, balance and coordination, core muscles, oblique and straight abdominal muscles, and more.
Traditional leather medicine balls were already used in America in the mid-19th century to improve physical fitness. In the early 20th century, the ball was introduced to Germany and has since been successfully used in preventive and rehabilitative training.

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