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tanga sports® Leather medicine ball

Kübler Sport® medicine ball made of leather Kübler Sport

- Ball made of real leather
- Solid, environmentally friendly special compound compounds
- Ball available in 6 sizes / weights

Medicine balls belong to the classic training devices in fitness and health sports. With their help many different parts of the body can be trained and the most different training goals can be achieved.

It is impossible to imagine a varied health training without these classic training devices - the leather medicine balls.

The Kübler Sport Medicine Ball is available in the following ball sizes:
- Medicine ball 1.0 kg, Ø 20 cm - G4047
- Medicine ball 1.5 kg, Ø 24 cm - G4048
- Medicine ball 2.0 kg, Ø 27 cm - G4049
- Medicine ball 3.0 kg, Ø 30 cm - G4050
- Medicine ball 4.0 kg, Ø 35 cm - G4051
- Medicine ball 5.0 kg, Ø 36 cm - G4052

The basic principle of the exercises with the weight ball is either the dynamic overcoming or the static holding of the ball weight. In addition, the weight ball (fitness ball) can be used as an unstable base for coordinative training or balance training.

Training with the medicine ball is very well suited for strength endurance training. You can train e.g. the whole body stabilisation, balance and coordination, the trunk muscles, oblique and straight abdominal muscles etc.

The Kübler Sport Medicine Ball made of leather is one of the classic training devices in fitness and health sports. This medicine ball is a full ball filled with a solid, environmentally friendly special compound filling and is not inflated with air. The common medicine balls made of leather were already used in America in the middle of the 19th century to increase physical fitness. At the beginning of the 20th century, the ball came to Germany and has been used with great success in preventive and rehabilitative training ever since.


- Ballhülle aus echtem Leder, verstärkt
- Füllung: Mischung aus granuliertem Gummi, Schaumstoff und Kork

Verwendung von Medizinbällen

Das Training mit dem Medizinball eignet sich sehr gut zum Kraftausdauertraining. Trainiert werden kann so z.B. die Ganzkörperstabilisation, Gleichgewicht und Koordination, die Rumpfmuskulatur, schräge und gerade Bauchmuskulatur usw.
Die gängigen Medizinbälle aus Leder wurden bereits Mitte des 19. Jahrhunderts in Amerika zur Steigerung der körperlichen Fitness eingesetzt. Anfang des 20. Jahrhunderts kam der Ball nach Deutschland und wird seither mit großem Erfolg im präventiven und rehabilitativen Training eingesetzt.

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