tanga sports® Versatile Multiball

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tanga sports® Versatile Multiball

The Multiball is a true all-rounder. The ball can be used for a variety of exercises and purposes: as a leisure ball for children and teenagers, as a sports ball in school sports, and as a methodology ball for getting started in sports such as handball, basketball, soccer, and more. The ball is too hard for games where you throw it at each other. So, the Multi-Ball is indeed the multi-talent among balls. The robust outer shell is made of durable natural rubber, and the inner bladder is made of butyl. They bounce extremely well and have a grippy surface texture, making them ideal for throwing, catching, and bouncing. The hardness and bounce can be adjusted via the amount of air using the valve. Balls should always be inflated only up to the recommended diameter to avoid deformation.


- Surface Material: Natural rubber
- Ball Bladder: Butyl


- Inflatable
- Good bounce properties
- High versatility

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