Kübler Sport® Double Coordination Ladder

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Ideal for use in sports clubs.
Ideal for school use.
Ideal for use in sports club training and school sports.

Kübler Sport® Double Coordination Ladder

The coordination ladder is an ideal tool for training running coordination and speed exercises with infinitely different step sequences. Therefore, it is used in almost all ball sports, such as soccer, volleyball, handball, and basketball, but also in tennis, badminton, and athletics training. Coordination ladders are important aids for developing basic speed and eye-foot/leg coordination, both in individual training and as partner exercises.


- 10 x 2 shatterproof plastic rungs
- Double ladder with adjustable distances
- Connected with durable strap bands
- Carrying bag included, approximately 15 x 25 x 50 cm
- 4 m length
- Approximately 100 cm wide
- Quick assembly

Training with the coordination ladder to improve speed

In all ball sports, the game pace has increased in recent years. Fast footwork, perfect coordination of arms and legs, and utmost concentration are an important basis of this development. These skills can be trained easily and effectively with the coordination ladder. Our coordination ladders from Kübler Sport are of the usual high Kübler quality.

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Scope of Supply

- Storage bag
- 10 x 2 shatterproof plastic rungs
- Double ladder

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