tanga sports® Numbered Marker Cones

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tanga sports® Numbered Marker Cones

The set of 11 marking cones with numbers from 0-10 is particularly suitable for use in preschools and daycare centers for movement and learning games. The stable marking cones can be used both indoors and outdoors. The children learn the handling of numbers in a playful way. For example, game stations or islands can be marked with individual numbers for cooperation and catching games, specific number sequences can be run through, or small math tasks can be set.

The cones are also very suitable for marking stations in circuit training, marking playing areas, as target points for serving exercises in tennis and volleyball, or as marking cones for learning specific step sequences.


- Set contents: 11 cones with numbers 0 - 10
- Color: Blue with yellow numbers
- Height: 23 cm
- Material: Plastic

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