tanga sports® Marker Mini Cones, Set of 10 pcs 23 cm high

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tanga sports® Marker Mini Cones, Set of 10 pcs 23 cm high

The marking cones in the set are of good quality and versatile for use in school sports, club training or recreational sports. The marking cone set consists of 10 cones in total, with 2 cones each in the colours orange, red, green, blue and yellow.
The cones are suitable for use both indoors and outdoors on the sports field. The advantage of the marking cones compared to the low marking bonnets or marking hemispheres is that they are clearly visible to the athlete even at longer distances. The bright colours of the cones also contribute to good visibility.


- Height: 23 cm
- Dimensions standing surface: 13 x 13 cm
- Scope: 2 x each orange, yellow, red, blue and green


- Weatherproof
- Robust
- Good visibility

Marking cones

Marking cones are indispensable for ambitious training in football, handball, basketball, volleyball, athletics and many other sports nowadays. The training cones can be used to mark small playing or training fields. The cones can also be used to build slalom courses for dribbling or running exercises.

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13 cm


23 cm


13 cm

shipping weight

1 kg

Package length

16 cm

Package width

16 cm

Package height

35 cm

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basketball, handball, soccer, athletics

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indoor & outdoor


assorted colour


1 kg

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