tanga sports® Neoprene FLYRING

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tanga sports® Neoprene FLYRING

Throwing discs made of neoprene are characterized by low weight and very good grip. Elastic and yet stable, the throwing discs lie well in the air. The soft, soft material is safe and comfortable for catching and throwing. Neoprene throwing discs can be safely used indoors and outdoors - even in the water.


- Throwing disc Ø 30 cm

- weight approx. 90 g.

- With openings for better gripping

- Good flow characteristics

- Material neoprene

- Sorted colours
The grippy neoprene material and the openings in the windows make it easier to catch children's flying discs. But also for juveniles and adults the throwing discs are suitable with their stable flight characteristics. The neoprene throwing discs are a popular recreational sports equipment for the home in the garden, in the park, in the swimming pool or at sea or beach. The slices from the easy-care material are easy to transport and can be stored in any pocket.

Aerobie throwing discs are also popular for children, adolescents and adults. These throwing discs have soft edges and are therefore comfortable and safe to catch. Nevertheless, the discs have good flying characteristics and are suitable for precise and wide throwing.

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