tanga sports® Diving Ring 5 kg

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tanga sports® Diving Ring 5 kg

The 5 kg diving ring made of solid rubber is excellent for diving exercises. The rubber ring is used for diving tests by the German Life Saving Association (DRLG), but is also versatile for diving games.


- Diving Ring 5 kg
- Material: solid rubber
- Diameter: approx. 30 cm
- Color: black
The diving ring, weighing 5 kg, requires increased physical effort for diving to depth or transporting compared to a conventional diving ring. Ideally suited for children and teenagers who already have experience in swimming and diving and are looking for new challenges. Bringing up a 5 kg diving ring to the water surface also represents one of the requirements for the rescue swimming badges Bronze, Silver, and Gold.
Diving with the 5 kg diving ring: With the 5 kg ring, many diving games, including in groups, are possible. For example, the diving ring can be pushed forward underwater on the pool floor. Here's how it works: Swim towards it, dive headfirst or feet first, push the ring forward, resurface, swim back. The next child starts as soon as the previous child resurfaces. The diving ring is pushed to the other side of the pool edge or back again in this way.

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