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tanga sports® Gymnastics staff

Plastic poles can be used in many different sports. There are no limits to the creativity of teachers and students. For example, gymnastic bars can be used to build excellent training hurdles or small goals in combination with hurdles and malts or punch cones. The gymnastics bars can be used as vertical posts in punching cones or painting feet or as horizontal slats for training hurdles. Training hurdles are very well suited for various coordination exercises with the ball, such as combinations of jumps with bouncing or dribbling.

There are plastic gymnastic bars in 2 or 3 sizes and 4 colors:
- Length: 80 cm, color: red, blue, green, yellow
- Length: 100 cm, color: red, blue, green, yellow
- Length: 120 cm, Color: red, blue, green, and yellow (Attention: for this length applies, only while stocks last!)

Absolutely versatile and a real all-rounder in every sports hall and on every sports field - the gymnastics bar - no matter if turntable, slalom bar, training aid or much more


- Ø 25 mm
- Mit schwarzen Endpfropfen
- Ideal für gefahrloses Junior-Dribbel und Tortraining, Abgrenzung von Kleinspielfeldern, etc.

Vorteile im Überblick

- Elastisch
- Bruchsicher
- Vielseitig einsetzbar

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