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Tanga sports® PU Softball Volleyball

The foam volleyball is a very popular ball among children. The special feature of the foam ball is its high foam density (density). This creates a very pleasant ball feeling and good bounce and rebound behavior. The ball surface consists of a coated outer skin. This is very grippy and hygienically washable. Thanks to this special coating, the foam ball can also be used in water. The surface texture corresponds to that of a "real ball" in this sport. The foam ball is made entirely of foam, is soft, and can be easily squeezed. Children and beginners can play fearlessly with the foam balls and gain their first positive experiences in the sport.


- Ø 20 cm
- 290 g
Product Information Volleyball:
- Very pleasant ball feel due to high density foam
- Grippy and washable outer skin
- Also an ideal ball in water
- The ball is soft and easy to squeeze
- Children can approach the sport without fear

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