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tanga sports® Skipping Rope Fit

The jump rope has a length of approx. 270 cm. The rope is made of PVC. The handles, which are easy to grip and are made of black plastic, are equipped with ball-bearing swivels. The high dead weight of the PVC rope, together with the rotating swivel, allows very fast swings and thus a highly efficient training!

Product features:
- PVC cable
- Length approx. 270 cm
- For functional fitness training

Jumping is important in many combat sports, especially in boxing! It not only improves legwork and agility sustainably, it trains the balance and coordination, fitness and endurance, and the speed. In addition to the calf and leg muscles, the arms, shoulders and the entire upper body are also trained. 10 minutes of rope jumping burns in about as many calories as 30 minutes of jogging!

The ideal rope length for the Rope Skipping should range from armpit to armpit, with a middle stand on the rope and arms pulled upwards. The rope can be individually adjusted or shortened in order to adapt it to the respective body size


- Rope made of PVC, handles made of plastic.
- Fast swing for advanced users

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270 cm

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