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tanga sports® Skipping Rope Profi

The jump rope for the pro! The jump rope is a PVC-coated steel cable, which has very grippy plastic handles with swivel and removable weights (2 x 180 grams).

Product features:
- Jump rope for professionals
- Suitable for functional training
- Jump rope for your fitness workout
- With removable weights (2 x 180 grams)
- Steel cable with PVC sheathed
- Plastic handles with swivel
- Length: 270 cm

The very fast rotating skipping rope is a robust jump rope and is suitable for boxers and many other ambitious athletes who want to improve their endurance and condition with rope jumping, but also want to train coordination, speed and calf and leg muscles.

The two weight bars made of galvanized steel, which can be inserted into the handles and screwed to the screw, offer an additional training effect for the arms, shoulder and upper body musculature.

The sports rope has a length of approx. 270 cm is fast and easy to adjust in length. The length can be individually adjusted. The jump rope is a great fitness tool ideal for your sport!


- PVC coated steel cable, plastic handles.
- Length easily adjustable

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