Tanga sports® Foam Rubber Ball

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Tanga sports® Foam Rubber Ball

Juggling can be done with almost any objects - from a raw egg to a medicine ball. It is a bit easier with our foam rubber balls. They belong to the category of bounce balls, which means they bounce when dropped; this makes them especially suitable for advanced jugglers. However, they are not recommended for beginners, as an accidentally dropped ball will bounce uncontrollably. The solid foam rubber balls fit perfectly in the hand, but are softer than conventional rubber balls.

The foam rubber ball is an excellent sports and play ball for all jugglers and ball virtuosos. However, the ball can also be easily used in other areas, such as occupational therapy, school sports, or leisure activities.


- Dimensions: Ø 6.2 cm
- Weight: 60 g
- Material: EVA foam (very firm, closed-cell and elastic foam)


- Good jumping properties
- Pleasant feel
- Suitable for school, leisure, and therapy

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