tanga sports® Table Tennis Bat Set OUTDOOR (4 rackets)

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tanga sports® Table Tennis Bat Set OUTDOOR (4 rackets)

4 weather resistant, light table tennis racquets in four different colours.
Simple, very robust table tennis racquet made of virtually unbreakable plastic for schools, kindergartens or leisure facilities. The practical set of 4 sets is ideal for a double or round run.

This set of 4 outdoor table tennis racquets has an unbeatable price-performance ratio with good and robust quality and is ideal for outdoor table tennis use, e.g. For children's birthdays, swimming pool visits or simply for the lunch break use.


- Type: Outdoor set of 4 TT bats
- Color: One TT-bat in green, blue, red and yellow
- Weight: approx. 125 g
- Suitable for: children / beginners / schools / facilities

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0.567 kg

Package length

25.7 cm

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16.3 cm

Package height

5.6 cm

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