Tanga Sports® 3 in 1 Joint for Exercise Aid

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Ideal for school use.
Ideal for use in sports club training and school sports.

Tanga Sports® 3 in 1 Joint for Exercise Aid

The rotating 3-in-1 joint connects two plastic rods (Ø 25 mm) together or with hula hoops or coordination rings (flat rings). This allows for creating great obstacle courses, training hurdles, small goals, or other targets for throwing and catching games, with almost no limits to creativity.


- Compatible with bars: Ø 25 mm (e.g. F1122-02)
- Compatible with flat tires: Thickness approx. 8 mm (e.g. F1454)
- Compatible with hula hoop tires: Ø 22 mm (e.g. G9907)
- Possible accessories as a stand: Painting foot (F1410), cone with hole (F1515-07)


- Rotatable in any direction
- Flexible and adjustable
- Allows for tilted positions

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