tanga sports® carrying handle for training hurdles

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tanga sports® carrying handle for training hurdles

Up to 12 training hurdles can be transported comfortably with the carrying handle. Gymnastics or coordination hoops are also optimally stored, so your training equipment remains practically stowed away and mobile at the same time. Coaches or trainers can transport the equipment quickly and easily from the equipment room to the sports field and back.


- Number of hurdles: 10 - 12 pieces
- Number of Hula Hoops: Approx. 6 pieces
- Number of coordination hoops: Approx. 10 pieces
- With Velcro fastener


- Easy transport
- Practical storage
- Well adhering velcro connection

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shipping weight

0.3 kg

Package length

35.7 cm

Package width

15.1 cm

Package height

2.1 cm

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basketball, handball, soccer, athletics

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