tanga sports® CPU Dumbbells

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tanga sports® CPU Dumbbells

Compact dumbbell from tanga sports® with a chrome-plated dumbbell rod and rubberized weight blocks. Ideal for use in the gym or at home training.
The chrome-plated and knurled steel handle provides the necessary stability and grip, while the rubberized weight blocks offer safety for the floor and dumbbell when dropped.


- Weight: from 2.5 kg to 50 kg (in 2.5 kg increments)
- Handle width: approx. 15 cm
- Chrome-plated steel handle
- Polyurethane-coated weight blocks
- Handle diameter: 3.5 cm
- Delivery per piece


Polyurethane is a plastic that is odorless and safe for health, and is known for its high abrasion resistance and temperature resistance.

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