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tanga sports® Gymnastic Clubs

The gymnastics club is suitable for rhythmic sports gymnastics. It measures 44 cm in length and weighs 150 g, according to FIG regulations. The FIG gymnastics club is made of plastic and is available in five colors.


- Material: Plastic
- Length: 44 cm
- Weight: 150 g


- according to FIG regulations for Rhythmic Gymnastics

Further information

Gymnastics clubs, also known as rhythmic clubs, are one of the five hand apparatus used in rhythmic gymnastics (abbreviated as RSG or RG). Two bottle-shaped clubs are thrown, caught, and rotated in various ways through the air. In addition to plastic gymnastics clubs, wooden gymnastics clubs are available in different designs. Purchase the appropriate suspension for proper storage together with it. Rhythmic gymnastics is classified as a type of gymnastics and is characterized primarily by gymnastic and dance elements accompanied by music.

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