tanga sports® Training Hurdle STAND UP

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tanga sports® Training Hurdle STAND UP

Training hurdle that automatically stands up again through the stand-up function (also called return function). The mini training hurdle is versatile - in soccer, athletics, and many other sports. The mini training hurdle is excellent for warm-up programs, training running coordination, or for quickness and sprint training. It is also suitable for functional training and physiotherapy, for example in exercises to stabilize the ankle joint. In combination with other training hurdles, the length of the training course can be varied as desired. The simple handling allows for quick and uncomplicated setup or modification of the exercise course.

Today, mini training hurdles are an essential training tool in team sports as well as in athletics. The stand-up function eliminates the need to reset the hurdle after being touched by the athlete, allowing the exercise routine to continue smoothly. The training hurdle is available in two different heights.


- With stand-up function
- Assorted colors

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